18 Silly Everyday Mistakes We Can All Relate To

We all make mistakes, it’s a part of being human. But some mistakes are just so silly and embarrassing that all we can do is laugh. From spilling coffee on yourself to getting your shoelaces tangled, these everyday mishaps are something we can all relate to.

To prove our point, we scoured the internet to find 18 examples of people sharing their silly everyday mistakes. These mishaps will have you chuckling and reminding yourself that we’re all human. So, without further ado, here are 18 examples of everyday mistakes that will make you laugh:

These are just a few examples of the silly everyday mistakes we all make. Next time you’re feeling embarrassed about a mishap, remember that we’re all human and it’s okay to laugh at ourselves.

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# 1 Making just smoothies

Source: Haganblount

# 2 There were errors in the media

Source: Nordisali

# 3 There was another similar set of doors where I saw this, near an ice rink.

Source: electricburger1

# 4 By accident, the dad of my friend’s friend’s GF sent them a xxxxl cutting board for their housewarming.

Source: gwackr

# 5  This is the primary reason why they ought to be wall-mounted.

Source: FowelBallz

# 6 You can only speculate as to what errors were made in this.

Source: love2go

# 7 I had a feeling they’d mess this up

Source: LiquidCracker

# 8 It almost seems as though those cones are there for some sort of purpose.

Source: Zanzibear

# 9 There were mistakes.

Source: Sariel007

# 10 A venti coffee parm and a garlic frappuccino are what I’d want.

Source: LaurenSomm

# 11 Some guys would rather just watch the world burn.

Source: linkdafourf

# 12 I made a mistake when ordering wrapping paper online, and now I have a huge poster of my face. I’m not even angry.

Source: SpontaneousCupcake

# 13 He probably had no idea he would be captured on camera in this manner.

Source: thexlr8tr

# 14 his logo’s creator committed a bad error.

Source: j1002s

# 15 My partner was concerned about losing the keys to her lock, so


# 16 I doubt that my mother is aware of how her rice cooker operates.

Source: Uedn

# 17 omeone accidentally flushed dry ice down the toilet at my stepdad’s workplace

Source: Samaraiii

# 18 This dog panorama picture was unsuccessful.

Source: Bomber_Max

Written by Liam Stevens

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