16 Images That Are So Unexpectedly Funny, You’ll Need a Second Look

If you’re too busy for long comedy shows but still want a mood boost, this post is for you. We have a way to help you relax and save time. Spending a few minutes going through our gallery of 16 really funny pictures can do the trick.

Check out our latest collection of pictures that are unexpectedly hilarious by scrolling down. Each image is like a comedy on its own, so you might find yourself laughing out loud.

#1 A large Valentine’s Day pig is bringing balloons to patients at the rehabilitation/convalescent facility where my grandfather is staying.

Image Source: burido

#2 The multiverse of possibilities.

Image Source: emotionalclub

#3 I wouldn’t dream of missing it.

Image Source: All You Can Eat

#4 Politics makes me feel the same way.

Image Source: emotionalclub

#5 Shrek Seen at the Supermarket

Image Source: Just Disney

#6 Ooops

Image Source: DucksContext

#7 Supporting to dad

Image Source: Ethiopian Veterinary Doctors

#8 Amazing! Toes that can see in the dark!

Image Source: Harvickfan4Life

#9 The more we focus on it, the more peculiar it gets.

Image Source: Things That Make You Go Hmmm

#10 He’s got a lot to think about.

Image Source: papersmellgood

#11 Seriously?

Image Source: Humans doing human things

#12 What’s going on, Step Dog?

Image Source: Winsthorne

#13 I’ll be right back, I need to finish something.

Image Source: reinvintage

#14 The Clone War

Image Source: Humans doing human things

#15 Mine has been much more expensive.

Image Source: emotionalclub


Image Source: GenericWoman12345

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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